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Application Time

General Info

General Info
1. Name: Regina Patterson
2.Age: 17
3. Location: Providence, Rhode Island
4. What Bands do you listen to other then Green Day?: The Clash, Dead Kennedys, The Pink Spiders, The Aquabats, Hellogoodbye, The Matches, Queen, The Network, The Frustrators, Pinhead gunpower, Screeching Weasel, Neutral Milk Hotel, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Adicts, and Sex Pistols to name a few.
5. Favorite genre of music?: Rock, basically. anything catchy, anything fun to mosh to, anything with meaningful lyrics. Anything worth dancing to.
6. Describe yourself to us.: well, let's see, I'm 17 years old, but I act like a 10 year old boy (I think video games, spiderman, and fart jokes are pretty much the coolest things ever). I play the guitar, bass, and the drums, however the drums will always be my favorite. I take pictures of absolutely everything. I have bizarre dreams, my mom still cuts the crusts of my sandwhiches, and I gauge my ears. I hate driving (I have my license but refuse to drive. I bum rides off of people or take my bike). I like dirty jokes, pick up lines, and innuendos. I wiggle my eyebrows. I shake what my momma gave me. I'm lame.
7. Name some hobbies you have: soccer, the drums, photography, mixed CD making, scrapbooking, writing stories, cooking (on occasion), going to concerts, and big slumber parties with my best friends.

Personal Green Day Info/opinions

6. How long have you been a fan?: My dad was a fan when they first came out, but I wasn't really into them at that age. I knew who they were and I knew some of their songs, but I was still to busy trying to catch frogs and worrying about cooties to really listen to them. I'd say I've been a real fan for a good 7 years.
7. What's your favorite song music-wise? Why?: Misery. It's so different and catchy. There's so many different instruments in it and, in general, its very different from the rest of the songs they have made. I dunno, I just really adore it.
8. What's your favorite song lyric-wise? Why?: Westbound Sign, simply because it totally hits home. I was stuck in that sort of stage for a while (and to be honest, I still kind of am). I want to get out of Rhode Island and I've wanted to move to California for most of my life. It's bizarre, but I really can relate to that song.
9. Have you been to any concerts? How many? What was your favorite part of the concert?: I've seen Green Day live 9 times. I think seeing them at Warped was really neat, simply because, thinking about it now, its hard to believe they once played there. I like them in general. Billie Joe works the crowd, so you feel as if your a special part of the entire concert. I've gotten a few high fives from Mike which was beyond amazing. I've got Tre's drumstick (which, before it was given to me, was carried inside his mouth as he crawled to the end of the stage. he handed it to me, winked, and I turned bright red). I like their music live. They're one of the greatest bands I've ever seen live.
10. How did Green Day impact you and your life?: Their music inspired me to pick up the drums, and its also gotten me through a lot of hard times in my life. Without sounding super cheesy, I guess they have just been sort of my foundation throughout my life so far.
11. Favorite member? Why?: eh, Tre Cool. Being a drummer, I look up to him whole heartedly. Plus, I think he's ridiculously funny and has a completely dirty mind (which I do too). He's funny, he's sweet, and he's so talented.
12. Favorite Album? Why?: Warning. It's different. I dunno. I liked the fact that every song has a completely different sound to it. Its more accoustic-y. It seems like they experimented a lot of this album. I heard, according to record sales, it was one of their worst, which always confuses me, because its my absolute favorite.
13. What's your favorite song off of:
1039 Smoothed Out Slappy Hours- At The Library
Kerplunk- Private Ale / Dominated Love Slave
Dookie- Coming Clean
Insomniac- Brat
Nimrod- Prosthetic Head / The Grouch
Warning- Fashion Victim
Shenangians- Ha Ha You're Dead
American Idiot- Letterbomb
14. What do you think of the new American Idiot Album? Explain thoroughly: When I first heard 'American Idiot' on the radio, I was kind of disappointed. It wasn't all that amazing, really. I got American Idiot that year for Christmas, and I finally listened to it the whole way through. It's a lot more powerful once you do that, because I fell in love with it. I listened to it for weeks on end. I still think its an excellent album. The only thing, honestly, that bothered me about the release of American Idiot was the wardrobe change Green Day went through. I miss the bouncing souls t-shirts, plaid pants, and eyeliner-less Green Day. But if that's all you have to complain about then that's not bad, eh?
15. Do you like the New Green Day or the Old Green Day better?: I like both. Simple.
16. What do you think of "new" fans? Meaning, are you annoyed by them, or are you nuetral?: This is quite a question. To be honest, I stopped caring. Yes, it can get annoying, but at least they're listening to good music! The only thing I don't like is when people talk about 'killing Adrienne' or hating her just because she's married to Billie Joe. That is just plain stupid. I don't think it matters when you become a fan, honestly.
17. Why do you think Green Day is different than the normal of their genre? [meaning, what makes them different from the other punk rock bands?]: They're a lot popular then most punk rock bands. Not as rough sounding either, if that makes any sense.
18. What is you favorite thing about...[no "hot ass" answers or hatred answers please :)]
Billie - his lyrics. he's a lyrical genius.
Mike- his laugh. I like it when he tells a joke and laughs at himself. Plus he's super talented and overlooked.
Tre- his sense of humor. The way he still acts like he's a rebelious teenager even though he's 33 with kids. =]
19. who do you relate to more? and why?: As I mentioned before, probably Tre. We both play drums, and we both have a similar sense of humor.
20. who could you see yourself as friends with, tre mike or billie? *no stupid BILLY JO CUZ HE IS HAWT answers*: Probably Mike. He seems like a good friend. Someone you can trust and such. Plus, out of the three of them, I think that he seems the most approachable.


What would you buy each Green Day member? The item would have to be something that would be cheap (sunglasses, 25 cent rings etc.) [$10 and under]: I'd give Billie Joe bright, stripped socks. I'd give Mike a talking Family Guy pen. I'd give Tre handcuffs (though, knowing him, he probably already has a pair x] !)
If you saw any member in an amusement park, and they were just hanging out...but they were with their families or kids, would you bother them?: Probably not. In my head I'd be going crazy, but I'd probably just smile. Maybe walk by and just wave, but I wouldn't want to bother them if they were with their families.
What do you think of Adrienne & Brittany? (Brit is Mike's girlfriend): I adore Adrienne. I honestly do. I think she's absolutely beautiful and seems like such a sweet girl. I'm not too sure about Brittany. I really don't know much about her and, from what I've seen, she's kind of air-headed. But if she makes Mike happy, then I'm fine with it.
What do you think of the guys doing drugs when they were younger/now?: It's their choice. Whatever


What do you think of the mods?: boootylicious.
Who's the sexiest mod?: well, what__if knows how to get down with her bad self, which is totally sexy.
Don't you just want to (GUH) sex up ramona?: Duh.

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