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General Info

General Info
1. Name:Kaitlin
2.Age:13, almost 14 =]
3. Location: Florida
4. What Bands do you listen to other then Green Day?: Well all the GD related bands.. The Beatles, The Doors, Bob Dylan, The Ramones, Jimi Hendrix, My Chemical Romance, Panic! At The Disco, Hawthorne Heights, Fall Out Boy, The Academy Is, Atreyu and yeah okay I am done. No wait. I am not. Blink 182. K now I am done
5. Favorite genre of music?: Rock
6. Describe yourself to us.: I live in one of the most boring towns ever. Nothing ever really happens here.. I was in dance since i was like 2 years old. 3 years ago I got into guitar.. I love it to death. I stopped taking lessons a year back, but i think I am gonna start again. I love photography. I definitely want to be a photographer when I grow up. My favorite shows of all time are Family Guy and Seinfeld. My favorite movies are Bottlerocket and Garden State. I play DDR pretty much every second of my life.. and uh. yeah. I have dark brown hair.. brown eyes.. I am like 5'5" and I go to a catholic school. Im in 8th grade.. I love music. uh. yeah I am done now!
7. Name some hobbies you have: DDR, playing guitar, lj, swimming, listening to music, watching tv [project runway, seinfeld, and family guy in particular =]] and um. yeah thats pretty much all i can think of.

Personal Green Day Info/opinions

6. How long have you been a fan?: Like. I dont know. My dad is really into guitar and music and he started playing dookie stuff on his guitar and listening to them allot when I was like. however old I was.. 2 or 3 I guess.. and then I sort of forgot about them when I got into the Backstreet Boy stage.. haha sorry, but I loved them. I sort of started liking them like.. 3 years ago, but I wasnt like a BIG fan or anything.. and then yeah. and then I became a BIG fan like last November. So it was pretty official last year.. but yeah
7. What's your favorite song music-wise? Why?: Castaway because it’s just so jumpy and happy! I’m always in a good mood after I hear it!
8. What's your favorite song lyric-wise? Why?:Well One Of My Lies is basically my life wrapped up in a song.. So I’ll go with that!
9. Have you been to any concerts? How many? What was your favorite part of the concert?: I havent been to one. =[[[[ BIAB was as close to a GD concert as I have ever got. haha
10. How did Green Day impact you and your life?: They gave me more confidence.. Like they helped me not to think about what other people thought about me.
11. Favorite member? Why?:Mike.. He just has this certain charm about him!
12. Favorite Album? Why?:1039 SOSH.. I adore every one of those songs so much and I can listen to them over and over and over again and never get tired of them.. So yeah
13. What's your favorite song off of:
1039 Smoothed Out Slappy Hours- Paper Lanterns
Kerplunk- Who Wrote Holden Caulfield?
Dookie- F.O.D.
Insomniac- Bab's Uvula Who?
Nimrod- Walking Alone and Take Back
Warning- Castaway and Blood, Sex and Booze
Shenangians-Haha You're Dead
American Idiot- St. Jimmy and JOS
14. What do you think of the new American Idiot Album? Explain thoroughly: I didnt get this question last time I applied and quite frankly, I still dont get it. I think it is simply an amazing piece of work..
15. Do you like the New Green Day or the Old Green Day better?:I like them the same. The older Green Day sounds a lot different than the past couple albums and I have diferent moods and the albums can capture the feeling of my moods.. Because they sound different. 20 bucks I gave atleast 3 people a headache after reading the past 2 questions..
16. What do you think of "new" fans? Meaning, are you annoyed by them, or are you nuetral?: I really dont even pay attention.. If they like Green Day, they are okay in my book..
17. Why do you think Green Day is different than the normal of their genre? [meaning, what makes them different from the other punk rock bands?]: They arent afraid to let people know what they believe and what they stand for on politics and stuff. They can tell everyone to fuck off and not give a shit about saying it. And their lyrics really relate to me.. and a lot of other people. Not saying that other bands have sucky lyrics.. but yeah.
18. What is you favorite thing about...[no "hot ass" answers or hatred answers please :)]
Billie -The fact that he doesn’t take crap off people.
Mike- Mike seems really sweet and sensitive.. He might not be, but that is the vibe I get from him. I like that allot.
Tre- Tre.. boy. Tre is just Tre. He is the most random, hysterical person ever. I mean when he says stupid thing like "i dont get what mike said, so I will talk about chickens" I mean wheretf does he come up with that!? I dont know.. you just have to love him!
19. who do you relate to more? and why?: I think Billie. His whole life story is pretty similar to mine.. sort of. kind of.
20. who could you see yourself as friends with, tre mike or billie? *no stupid BILLY JO CUZ HE IS HAWT answers*: I honestly can see myself being tight with all of them. But Mike I guess. I think he and I have the same sense of humor :)


What would you buy each Green Day member? The item would have to be something that would be cheap (sunglasses, 25 cent rings etc.) [$10 and under]: Mike- I would get him one of those stress reliever balls. ROTFL. Sometimes he makes the angriest faces during welcome to paradise and stuff. and yeah me and Tomi are always like Rage Aholics Anonymous as a joke. hahah, yeah we think it's funny atleast. Tre- I would get him a Drew Barrymore sticker. or a bald mans comb. Just because. Billie- I would get him one of those key chain things were you can record something so incase he is like on a train or something and doesnt have anything to write on and he comes up wity an awesome lyric and doesnt want to forget it.. so yeah. he could record it. haha.
If you saw any member in an amusement park, and they were just hanging out...but they were with their families or kids, would you bother them?: I wouldnt go up and be like OMGOMGZ!1 SIGN MY AUTOGRAPH OMGZ OMGZ YOUR IN GREENDAY OMGZ NO WAI OHEMGEE but I might be like.. I dont know. Just talk to them. I actually would probably be in shock and die.
What do you think of Adrienne & Brittany? (Brit is Mike's girlfriend):I LOVE 80 TO DEATH. She seems like a great person :) Brit, not so much. Well that seems mean for me to say. But I really just dont like her.. She seems like stuck up or something. But if she is good enough for mike, she is good enough for me.
What do you think of the guys doing drugs when they were younger/now?:ROCK ON. haha kidding. I dont know. I dont have a problem with it.. I dont hold it against them or anything. It's their choice!


What do you think of the mods?: They are pretty much my life :)
Who's the sexiest mod?: KATIE nahhhh. Chels :)
Don't you just want to (GUH) sex up ramona?: OH EMM GEE OF COURSE.

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