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General Info

General Info
1. Name: Stefanie
2.Age: 18
3. Location: near Frankfurt, Germany
4. What Bands do you listen to other then Green Day?: Billy Talent, Lostprophets, My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, The Ramones, the Green Day side bands (xD), Rancid, ...
5. Favorite genre of music?: everything from pop punk to metal, though I don't have many favorite metal bands *shrugs*
6. Describe yourself to us.: Alright. I'm 18. I live in Germany. My life is boring ass hell. So is this country. I really want to move to the USA some day. I love music and short sentences. Well, actually I like long sentences but that doesn't matter. I wish I could play an instrument, but, as a matter of fact, I can't. My friends all describe me as either crazy or insane but a good person to be around, so I'm just gonna believe them... What else? Oh yeah how could I forget about my concert addiction? If I were grounded for two months and not able to go to at least a local show, you would probably find me in a madhouse afterwards.
7. Name some hobbies you have: hanging around with my friends, travelling, arts, working with computers (whether it be building homepages, working on hardware or with graphic programs..or something else, I don't really care), going to concerts, shopping (I don't like to call it that though. Goofing around in malls would be more appropriate xD)

Personal Green Day Info/opinions

6. How long have you been a fan?: I've liked some of their songs before, but I had to see them live in concert to become a real fan, so it's only been a year now...
7. What's your favorite song music-wise? Why?: Phew. Tough one. I'd have to say either some parts of JOS or Platypus (I like my songs either really melodious or just aggressive)
8. What's your favorite song lyric-wise? Why?: Definitely Who Wrote Holden Caulfield and Coming Clean. Coming Clean sorta speaks for itself already and Who Wrote Holden Caulfield.. I don't know how to describe it. That whole picture just really works for me *shrugs*
9. Have you been to any concerts? How many? What was your favorite part of the concert?: I've been to two shows. One of their gigs and a festival. And to be honest with you I can't really pick a favorite part because it all worked so well as a whole!
10. How did Green Day impact you and your life?: They didn't really have a great impact on my life. I've made a lot of new friends through GD-communities and I've discovered lots of new good bands through them, but I don't think they've changed me in any way (yet).
11. Favorite member? Why?: Mike. Although I really like every single one of them. But at my first concert it was him who I was standing in front of and the whole way he played and interacted with the crowd really impressed me.
12. Favorite Album? Why?: *sigh* don't make me pick one, please! I'm just gonna pick two, ha! That's still hard enough but I guess I'll go with Insomniac and Nimrod. They both have quite a good share of songs I really like.
13. What's your favorite song off of:
1039 Smoothed Out Slappy Hours- Going To Pasalacqua
Kerplunk- Who Wrote Holden Caulfield
Dookie- currently F.O.D.
Insomniac- Walking Contradiction
Nimrod- currently King For A Day but Platypus is actually my favorite one on this album
Warning- Warning or Castaway
Shenangians- Ha Ha You're Dead
American Idiot- Homecoming
14. What do you think of the new American Idiot Album? Explain thoroughly: Mhh.. I don't like it as much as the older CDs cause the new songs, in my opinion, are too perfect. I like it when songs are a little edgy from time to time. Plus, I think it's sad that I can't listen to half of the album anymore because it was played way too often and started annoying the heck out of me. I don't think it's a bad album, quite the contrary, because I really like JOS, St. Jimmy and Homecoming, but the whole hype sorta destroyed it for me.
15. Do you like the New Green Day or the Old Green Day better?: I like them both. For me, a band really has to go through a certain development or they get boring. If they had made 5 more albums like Dookie, I think I would have lost interest in them pretty quickly.
16. What do you think of "new" fans? Meaning, are you annoyed by them, or are you nuetral?: I'm a fairly new fan as well and I tend to stay neutral as long as they get their facts straight and don't bitch around everywhere. I hate new fans who think that they're superior to others.
17. Why do you think Green Day is different than the normal of their genre? [meaning, what makes them different from the other punk rock bands?]: They say whatever they want, without fear of getting flamed.
18. What is you favorite thing about...[no "hot ass" answers or hatred answers please :)]
Billie - his voice and songwriting skills.
Mike- the fact that he seems to be pretty smart and the way he plays (bassplayers own me, yo!)
Tre- his whole goofy personality
19. who do you relate to more? and why?: Oh god. I have no clue. Maybe Billie. I often have the same opinion on certain things.
20. who could you see yourself as friends with, tre mike or billie? *no stupid BILLY JO CUZ HE IS HAWT answers*: probably Tré, cause I love hanging around with goofy people. And he speaks his mind which is a good thing, too.


What would you buy each Green Day member? The item would have to be something that would be cheap (sunglasses, 25 cent rings etc.) [$10 and under]: Tré: a huge-ass lollipop, just to get that picture out of my mind. Mike: a cup of coffee *lame* but I guess he'd appreciate it. Billie: probably socks? I don't know, really.
If you saw any member in an amusement park, and they were just hanging out...but they were with their families or kids, would you bother them?: Nah. I'd probably just try to follow them around in a good distance, cause I'm a weird stalker like that. And maybe if he'd go and take a piss, I'd talk to him in front of the toilet building or something *lol*
What do you think of Adrienne & Brittany? (Brit is Mike's girlfriend): I think Adie was the best that could happen to Billie. They seem so happy most of the time. And I really adore Adie for her looks and brains (as far as I can tell). Brittany... No offense, but she seems pretty cocky when you see her on pics with the guys. I can't really judge her, though, and I don't want to either.
What do you think of the guys doing drugs when they were younger/now?: It's all up to them. Sure, taking drugs is not the best thing in the world to do, but if they wanna do it, let them do it!


I have to suck up? Ooooooh I'm so bad at sucking up and I don't even know you guys *flees*

What do you think of the mods?: This seems to be a kick-ass comm, so the mods have to kick-assy as well (lol, why else would nakedpastramix3 plaster the link to this comm all over her profile <.<)
Who's the sexiest mod?: Gimme pictureeeees and let me drool over every single one of yooouuuuuuu *lame*
Don't you just want to (GUH) sex up ramona?: *sings* I... wanna sex you up! ladeeeedaaaaaah

PEE ES: How come number 6 and 7 are duplicate? (is that even the word? *shrugs*)
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