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I'm gonna call it what I like cause it didn't say in the rules to call it something else.

General Info

General Info
1. Name: Lindsay
2.Age: 13
3. Location: Phoenix Az
4. What Bands do you listen to other then Green Day?: MCR, Hellogoodbye, SOAD, Fall Out Boy, The Beatles, and the like.
5. Zodiac Sign Aquarius

Personal Green Day Info/oppinions

6. How long have you been a fan?: Since February ::backs away slowly:: Sort of. I didn't realize that Green Day was Green Day until February, but because I didn't know that Green Day sung "Good Riddance" I don't consider myself a fan since I was seven. So I've liked them since I was seven, but I've only been a fan since February.
7. What's your favorite song music-wise? Why?: music wise? Wow. I always thought "Brain Stew" had really awesome music. Simple, but awesome. It makes you intrested to hear the next chord during the silence.
8. What's your favorite song lyric-wise? Why?: "Wake Me Up When September Ends". Even though it's about Billie's dad, I can always make it relate to how I'm feeling, happy or sad.
9. Have you been to any concerts? How many? What was your favorite part of the concert?: NO! I have one in...9 FUCKING DAYS!!!!!!!!
10. How did Green Day impact you and your life? I really think that they helped me realize that you should be who you want to be, and not let anyone tell you how to act, be, live, ect. I think that they really helped me realize that no one is perfect, and that I shouldn't push myself to be perfect if I know I can't be.
11. Favorite member? Why?: BILLIE JOE. I'm not just a rabid fangirl. I really like his image NOW, but I really like all the lyrics he's written. And to be married to someone and not question their love when you have whords of girls waiting for you to eat them up.
12. Favorite Album? Why?: Nimrod. I love it. It's just one of those things that are your favorite. I'm in love with "Good Riddance", and "The Grouch". "King for a Day" is awesome too, and "Redundant", and "Hitchin' a Ride". I love all the songs.
13. What's your favorite song off of:
1039 Smoothed Out Slappy Hours- I really like "I Was There", and "Why Do You Want Him?" I had this huge-normous crush a few years ago, and now I look back at it by changing the words to "Why did you want her?" because the song fits so well.
Kerplunk- "80" or "No One Knows". I'm a sucker for emo-ishness.
Dookie- "Longveiw". Great lyrics. Great music. Great song.
Insomniac- "Brain Stew". Good music. It has a great beat.
Nimrod- That's tricky. All of them!? I can't choose just ONE!
Warning- "Waiting". More emo-ish stuffins.
Shenangians- "Ha Ha You're Dead". That song can ALWAYS make me laugh. No matter what kind of mood I'm in.
American Idiot- "Wake Me Up When September Ends". The lyrics are just amazing. I can't believe that anyone would be able to write them. But I suppose if anyone could, it definetly would be Billie. He's so great.
14. What do you think of the new American Idiot Album? Explain thoroughly.: Actually it was my first Green Day album. But it was definetly good enough to get me into more of the [even better] Green Day stuffins. The veiws expressed are what got me I think. Probably because they were able to sway my whole political perspective.
15. Do you like the New Green Day or the Old Green Day better?: Old. I think they were style because they were out of style. You could tell that in their older stuff they didn't care whether or not they sold out. That they were doing rock because they wanted to. And now it seems like they are just doing it for the fame [but we know they're not]. But they still totally rock.
16. what do you find most annoying about people who aren't "true" fans?: THEY MESS UP SONGS AND CDS! There was this girl in my homeroom who called "Basket Case" 'Do You Have The Time' and then said it was on American Idiot. I was mad about that...
17. Why do you think Green Day is different than the normal of their genre? Because they don't conform to what everyone else is doing. They make the music they want, when they want to do it.
18. What is you favorite thing about...
Billie- Billie is cool. He seems like the kind of person who would do ANYTHING once. But he's still not one who will follow the crowd. Unless he likes what they're doing.
Mike- That he can be who he wants, without anyone caring if he was "the COOL guy" or not.
Tre- That he only has one testicle. And that he lost the other in a 'tragic unicycle incedent'.
19. who do you relate to more? and why? I actually don't know. I don't want to be repetitive and say all Mike. I think he went through his "Nobody Likes You" stage around the same time I did (ahem, as in when American Idiot came out) and I was going through the same thing. He also seems to be the most mellow in the group, and I am in my little 'group' of friends.
20. who could you see yourself as friends with, tre, mike, or billie? *no stupid BILLY JO CUZ HE IS HAWT answers* Wow. I don't know. If I could meet them this would be a much easier question. I could really see myself getting along with all three. Billie cause he's so spontaneous, Tre cause he seems like...crazy, and Mike cause he would give me a break from being so hyper.


21. What did Billie call his first guitar?: Blue. I ♥ Blue so much.
22. How long have Billie and Adrienne been married?: 11 years.
23. Name the old drummer of Green Day (nickname + real name for extra points): John Kriftmeyer, aka, Al Sobrante
24. Name all the albums in the order they came out: "1,039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours", "Kerplunk!", "Dookie", "Insomniac", "Nimrod", "Warning", "Shenanigans", "American Idiot"
25.What was the band's old name?: Sweet Children.
26. Name the band's current record label that they are currently with: Reprise
27. Name 1 other instrument Billie plays other then the guitar: Mandolin.
28. Name 1 other instrument Tre plays other then the drums: Tambourine?
29. Name 1 other instrument Mike plays other then the Bass guitar: Vocals..booyah.
30. What is the name of Mike's cafe? "Rudy's Can't Fail Cafe"
31. What is the name of the restaurant Billie Joe's mom worked at? "Rod's Hickory Pit"
32. What is Tre known for at the "Red Carpet moments"? Climbing the globe thing at Universal.
33. Their kids names Billie: Jakob, Joey
Tre: Ramona, Frankito (ONLY TRE COULD HAVE A SON NAMED FRANKITO! Haha. Frankito is one of those names you give the Ken dall you don't want to name 'Ken'. Not the name you give your son! But we all love Frankito anyway...:-D)
Mike: Estelle
34. name as many gd related bands as you can The Network, Screeching Weasel, The Lookouts, and Pinhead Gunpowder.
35. how they all met and became Green Day Billie and Mike went to school together, and they met Tre at a bar or something...
36. Gilman and how that impacted their career Gilman Street has all the clubs that Green Day started out on.
37. Lawrence Livermore. Who he was and how he impacted Green Day. He owned Lookout Records! He helped get them started. Without him, Green Day would not exist.

Why Are You So Special? Well. I have to admit, I don't think just ANYONE would fill out this whole application. I've been sitting here for a while!

Other than that, I think I'm special because I am probably one of the only 13 year old girls you will find that knows all nine CDs. I'm not saying that there aren't others out there, but me being one of them, I know how hard they are to find.

38. Why should we accept you? (make it detailed): Because I'm too rad. Just kidding. Because I took the time to fill out this application, even though I don't think I'll make it in on the first try because I don't know of any communities I got in on the first try on. I seem to be normal to too many people.

But I am totally not.

Accept me because you know I will not let you down. Accept me because I have cookies. But most of all accept me because I'm willing to be your friend.

39. Who referred you?: No one referred me. I found someone advertising on someone else's friends only page. I have no idea. ::whoops::

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