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General Info

General Info
1. Name: Shantal
2.Age: 13
3. Location: Naperville, IL
4. What Bands do you listen to other then Green Day?:anti- flag, cky,the used, ramones, the killers, the bravery, hawthorne heights, ozzy osbourne, my chemical romance and many more
5. Zodiac Sign taurus

Personal Green Day Info/oppinions

6. How long have you been a fan?: since i was like 5 years old
7. What's your favorite song music-wise? Why?: this is soo hard! but probably basket case its got a really cool beat n all their songs r kik ass
8. What's your favorite song lyric-wise? Why?: wake me up when September ends because it talks bout the war and im against the war 2 n I love the way the song is written
9. Have you been to any concerts? How many? What was your favorite part of the concert?:im tryin 2 get tickets 4 my first one and I haven’t been able 2 go 2 one cuz my parents r always pissed off and they will b like no…and ive been tryin everythin n they will say yes and then b like no….or they will say its 2 far away even if a friend will take me ive tried everythin!
10. How did Green Day impact you and your life?they have inspired me with soo many things. And their lyrics say a lot 2. they have taught me about life and bout how u should deal with so many things idk what i would b like if I didn’t kno em.
11. Favorite member? Why?:all of them r awesome! I cant pik. They all make green day the great kik ass band it is today with out any of em it wouldn’t b the same
12. Favorite Album? Why?: probably dookie
13. What's your favorite song off of:
1039 Smoothed Out Slappy Hours-1,000 hours
Kerplunk- my generation
Dookie- basket case
Insomniac- brain stew
Nimrod- king 4 a day
Warning- warning
Shenangians- ha ha ur dead
American Idiot- wake me up when September ends
14. What do you think of the new American Idiot Album? Explain thoroughly.: even tho sum ppl complain bout it I will b a green day fan 4 ever! I love it! all their albums r good better than excellent and their lyrics r pretty sik 2!
15. Do you like the New Green Day or the Old Green Day better?: I like both if they do a change they mite as well do it 4 good and they kno what they r doin so I like both their old and new stuff is kik ass!!!!
16. what do you find most annoying about people who aren't "true" fans?: that annoys the fuk out of me cuz this girl she will b like I love American idiot n I was like ya I love all their cds n she was like what r u talking bout they just started this year! Im like fuk no! its sad cuz they r a discrease 2 the band they just like em for what they are not by who they r and that pisses me off!
17. Why do you think Green Day is different than the normal of their genre?cuz they stand out of the crowd they put their lyeics out there n they r not afraid 2 say the truth they don’t do any ass kissin!
18. What is you favorite thing about...
Billie -he has a lovely singin voice
Mike- I lovveee his hair!!!
Tre-he has a GREAT sense of humor
19. who do you relate to more? and why? probably tre cuz he is sooo funny and has a great sense of humor and a lot of ppl say im funny
20. who could you see yourself as friends with, tre mike or billie? *no stupid BILLY JO CUZ HE IS HAWT answers*probably tre 2 cuz we could talk bout all the funny things and we could b all mischievous n get in trouble 24/7 haha


21. What did Billie call his first guitar?: blue
22. How long have Billie and Adrienne been married?: 11 yrs
23. Name the old drummer of Green Day (nickname + real name for extra points): Nickname- Al Sobrante real name: John Kriftmeyer

24. Name all the albums in the order they came out: 1039/smoothed,kerplunk,dookie,insomniac,nimrod,warning,idk if the superhits r supposed 2 b included, shenanigans, american idiot
25.What was the band's old name?: sweet children
26. Name the band's current record label that they are currently with: reprise
27. Name 1 other instrument Billie plays other then the guitar:mandolin
28. Name 1 other instrument Tre plays other then the drums:accordion
29. Name 1 other instrument Mike plays other then the Bass guitar:farfisa
30. What is the name of Mike's cafe? Rudy’s Can’t Fail Cafe
31. What is the name of the restaurant Billie Joe's mom worked at? Rod's Hickory Pit
32. What is Tre known for at the "Red Carpet moments"? Tre climbed the Universal Studios ball in Orlando, Florida. In the 1998 VMAS.
33. Their kids names Billie’s Joseph Marciano and Jakob Danger
Mike’s Estelle Desiree
Tre’s Ramona and Frankito
34. name as many gd related bands as you can the look out, the network, squirt gun, blink 182.
35. how they all met and became Green Daymike and billie became friend sin highskool and their great love 4 music made em want 2 create a band and tre played with the records they were recording with
36. Gilman and how that impacted their careerits how they started off by playin there their first time and it changed their lives totally cuz that’s what gave them the start 2 give em the lil push they need 2 b the great band they r today
37. Lawrence Livermore. Who he was and how he impacted Green Day.owner of lookout records and he got their first 2 albums out then he became a really close friend and he got tre 2 b a drummer cuz tre was with them in the lookout records

Why Are You So Special?

38. Why should we accept you? (make it detailed):
Cuz green day is not just another band there and im not just another fan that likes them cuz of American idiot and they r MORE than just a band. I abosolutly repect them for who they are and for everythin they do and have done! Which is absolutely amazing. and I love meetin new ppl that share same interests with me.

39. Who referred you?:
i found it

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